Wedding Videographers Really Know How to Make Your Wedding Better!!! Pt. 1

Bring Your Videographer Aboard Sooner!

You know you and your partner’s reasons for getting married (unless you are drunk in Las Vegas). You know what you want from your wedding, but your wedding doesn’t happen everyday.

This is why you hire a wedding planner to advise you as you plan a stunning ceremony. Wedding planners know your day (in many cases) better than you. They study the timing, logistics, and decorations of the big day.

The wedding videographer experiences wedding ceremonies differently. We are in tune with rhythms, emotions, and the moments that work (DJs, know how to read a crowd in the moment and manipulate them). The videographer knows what makes a wedding click. The videographer is there during planning, we capture the wedding with our cameras and microphones. Videographers have to feel for the story of your day like a spider feels a fly in a web.

But here is where the videographer has the edge over other wedding vendors. The DJ plays their final tune, the caterer will wash the china, and the wedding planner calls their next client. The videographer lives with the wedding (you could argue the photographer does too, but they can edit while binging Netflix).

I am a quick editor, I spend probably 30-50 hours watching a single wedding. I hear every awkward pause, see every nervous smile, and experience the moments that make me a bit emotional. A couple may watch their wedding video/s a dozen times the day I deliver it and watch it once a year after that. This means they will have to watch their wedding video once a year for the next 350 years to see the wedding as many times as a videographer does (remember too, I edited out all the awkward parts). And I may do 20-30 weddings a year!

So, why make the wedding videographer the last person you hire? We have watched and had to fix all the mistakes a million times. We know tricks that will save you for years to come when you show the video to your kids and grandkids.

Couples look happiest immediately after the ceremony. You are FINALLY married, you’re allowed to relax and celebrate, guests give you space, you are focused on your partner. This is where you can truly be yourself and share in probably the most intense emotions of bliss you’ve ever experienced. It looks PERFECT on camera and it only happens ONCE! Then… a waitress shoves a can of cheap beer into your hand. Congratulations, this footage is now useless. No flashy diamond or $4,000 dress will outshine the aluminum of Coors. At the very least pour the beer in a glass, drink water for five minutes, or drink champagne (stay away if it is 85+ degrees outside and you have an empty stomach).

Pinterest is a BIG problem. I use the idea website daily. It is fantastic! But, PLEASE DON’T FIT EVERY WEDDING IDEA YOU SEE INTO YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE!!! Good wedding planners know you need pauses in your day for scheduling reasons. As for videographers we know nothing kills the spirit of the day as overpacking your day with “symbolic” gestures.

Here is a list of what happened during one ceremony:

  • Sand ceremony

  • Water ceremony

  • Exchange of rings

  • Handfasting ceremony (no spiritual reasons)

  • Planting a tree

  • Candle ceremony

  • Exchange of personalized vows & traditional Officiant led vows

  • Band played two songs (ceremony paused for band)

  • Everyone sang from hymnal

  • A moment of silence for deceased loved ones

  • Quotes read by:

    • Father of the Bride

    • Grandparent

    • Best Man

    • Maid of Honor

    • 2 poems from Officiant

    • Groom’s brother read definition of love & marriage

  • A thank you announcement from the Groom to guests (during the ceremony)

  • And… “Please rise.” and “Please be seated.” six times during ceremony.

Choose less than a quarter of the items and you will be okay. Anything more and guests will wonder why a pair of robots are getting married.

It is okay to have important symbolic moments throughout your day, but supply and demand. You have 100 “important” moments during the day, they all loose their value. That is why the couple only smiled once during their ceremony (I know, because I have the video).

The videographer knows what works no matter the wedding’s style or size. You want it to look glamorous, don’t schedule your ceremony at 1pm in June. You want it to be intimate emotions, don’t read your vows with a microphone in your hand. Videographers know because we have been there to watch in person… and we will relive it more than anyone else ever will. Do yourself a huge favor, bring the videographer aboard early, ask questions, and make it a better union.